15th Feb2012

Nat and Aum in Switzerland photos from Praew magazine have been released

by inuu

About two months back, Nat Myria and Aum Atichart uploaded their lovely photos from a trip to Switzerland during December to instagram. Later it was revealed that the couple were also there for a magazine shoot for Praew Magazine to get the snow views. Nat looks like an Ice Princess with her pale and glowing skin ><. It’s quite unfair for her though, compared to Aum, because her winter outfits were just too thin for snowy days.

source: Praew

10 Responses to “Nat and Aum in Switzerland photos from Praew magazine have been released”

  • i want them to be in a lakorn together so much. They are a really cute couple. BTW, has there been a lakorn that starred them together so far?

    • i dont think there were lakorns where they starred together…
      would b great if Nat will b back in lakorns, but it’s sad she might not get Nang’ek role cuz nowadays only young actresses get to be Nang’ek -[]-”

  • nat

    nat looks very young in here…they look good too

  • cool

    looks great. lol she probab;y was hella cold :)

  • R. Tan

    My favorite is the one they’re sitting on the snow and walking next to the train… it looks so sweet and natural.

    Nat hasn’t been in a lakorn for a looooonnngg time… wonder if she will ever consider one.

  • :)

    I always thought that she looks too OLD for him but now that I have seen their photo shoot, they look so happy and adorable. >o<

  • Marina Lee Yang

    Life always shining n beautiful as the sun appears obove the earth n our happiness seems would never end when we are in love, n our hearts would be like tored out in pieces n enternal bleeding would last 4ever n never be healed when one of us left 4 a new lover….love is never guranteed. Hope nong Aum &Nat stay in love 4 the rest of their life n don’t have to walk on the rockied road where I walked trou…….your love pics are very beautiful as your physical beauty……just like the fairy love couples. Good luck n keep your lovelife healthy as much as you 2 could do. love your lovelife pics!

  • Marina Lee Yang

    Thanks innu 4 like my love commts!

  • Marina Lee Yang

    Well, miss aff w/aum………. …

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