27th Jun2012

Margie won 300,000 Baht prize at Ch3′s pajama party

by inuu

On June 24th, 2012, an exclusive pajama party was held to thank Ch3′s actors/actresses and staff for working hard throughout the year. Many prizes were given to the lucky ones, and Margie Rasri got the biggest prize, which is a 300,000 Baht ($9400) cash!


24th Jun2012

Photos of CH3 family from Ja Yossinee’s wedding

by inuu

These are photos from a wedding of Ja Yossinee and her future husband, Ch3′s lakorn producer who produced lakorns like Tara Himalaya, 3 Num Neur Thong, and Rak Prakasit, which happened few days ago. Many Ch3′s actors and actresses were there (more…)

20th Jun2012

Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri in WE Magazine

by inuu

ThisĀ  issue of WE Magazine, featuring Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri (aka. Bargie), was released last month, with a concept based on Disney’s fairy tales. Margie looked so gorgeous in every hairstyle and her skin was totally flawless. She looked cute and young (more…)

17th May2012

Taew Nattaporn has a new haircut??

by inuu

Few hours ago on instagram, Taew Nattaporn had posted a set of photos of her going through the hair cutting process for her new lakorn, ‘Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mek’, which is Chai Chartayodom‘s (the newly-wedded groom :D ) first directed work. Taew has (more…)

06th May2012

Boy Pakorn: I am an “open” person

by inuu

“I am an ‘open’ person.” Yes, that’s what Boy Pakorn wrote as the title of the photo he posted (shown above). Without much thought, all I paid attention to in the photo was Margie and Boy looking so lovely together, so I thought to myself (“What was he talking (more…)

21st Apr2012

Kimberley, Marie, Boy for Praew magazine, April 2012

by inuu

This month’s magazine cover of Praew Magazine features CH3′s rising stars, Boy Pakorn, Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri, and Marie Broenner. You might alreaddy have seen them uploaded this cover photo to their instagram, now let’s have a look at the pics (more…)

30th Mar2012

Pakorn VS. Prin (and ladies), who could be more adorkable?!

by inuu

Recently on instagram and twitter, Mark Prin and Boy Pakorn has become so active in posting adorkable photos of themselves, and tagging each other, as to challenge the opponent to post better photos ><. Usually Pakorn is the king of crazy poses on (more…)

22nd Mar2012

La Ong Fong’s ‘Till Dawn’ MV, starred Boy Pakorn

by inuu

Boy Pakorn recently joined in an MV of the band La Ong Fong‘s new single called ‘Meur Rai Ja Chao‘, or ‘When Will Sun Rise‘, aka ‘Till Dawn‘ (its official English name). It’s quite a sad and lonesome song, which wants to represent a feeling of solitude during (more…)

12th Mar2012

Channel 3′s 4+1 Superstar Concert

by inuu

Channel 3 recently broadcasted some highlight performances of ‘Channel 3′s 4+1 Superstar Concert‘ for us to watch!

Part I Mark Prin sang an OST of Sawan Biang and performed the role of Kavee, with Ann Thongprasom as his guest.


07th Mar2012

Kimberley showed off her specialty

by inuu

Few days ago, Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri uploaded a photo that reveals her special talent, that is, to hold four pieces of chopstick with her lower lip! Kim has also challenged Mint Chalida, in which she wrote “Could you do this??? XD” and tagged Mint. Awhile (more…)

25th Feb2012

Margie: “This is why I forget about you Boy Pakorn”

by inuu

Margie Rasri recently uploaded this photo on her instagram and wrote “This is the reason I forget about you Boy Pakorn XD.” In the photo, Margie was smiling brightly while posing with actors from ‘Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod‘, including the male lead, Mario (more…)

03rd Feb2012

Min Pechaya strike a pose with Boy Pakorn

by inuu

Ch7′s actress, Min Pechaya, recently uploaded the photo above to her instagram account and titled “P boy pakorn supta ch.3 ka cute cute :) “. Both Minnie and Boy Pakorn looked so cute together as they were holding up a peace sign in the photo. Boy’s (more…)