27th Jun2012

Margie won 300,000 Baht prize at Ch3′s pajama party

by inuu

On June 24th, 2012, an exclusive pajama party was held to thank Ch3′s actors/actresses and staff for working hard throughout the year. Many prizes were given to the lucky ones, and Margie Rasri got the biggest prize, which is a 300,000 Baht ($9400) cash!


24th Jun2012

Photos of CH3 family from Ja Yossinee’s wedding

by inuu

These are photos from a wedding of Ja Yossinee and her future husband, Ch3′s lakorn producer who produced lakorns like Tara Himalaya, 3 Num Neur Thong, and Rak Prakasit, which happened few days ago. Many Ch3′s actors and actresses were there (more…)

02nd Feb2012

Matt Peranee goes blonde for Mam Gam Dang + Great and Alex’s update

by inuu

One the set of Mam Gam Dang, Matt Peranee shared a photo of herself wearing a blonde wig, which really suited her look-kreung (mixed blooded) face, skin, and a pair of hazel eyes. The photo has gathered pretty much attention from her Ch3 friends.


10th Dec2011

Gubgib Sumontip and her look-alike, Aomjai, striked poses for Dao Kra Jai

by inuu

Dao Kra Jai’s news reporter, Aomjai, is known for having similar face structure and smile with Gubgib Sumontip, an actress of channel 3. Recently when Gubgib went to Polyplus building to guest in Ratri Samosorn, Aom and Gubgib had a chance to meet and pose for (more…)

09th Dec2011

Gubgib can’t decide whether to choose Krit or Kong

by inuu

During a break from the set of ‘Mae Yai Tee Rak‘, Gubgib Sumontip uploaded a 2-in-1 photo of herself sitting between Shahkrit Yamnarm and Kong Saharat with a playful caption, “I don’t know which one to choose.” On one photo, Gubgib was leaning her head (more…)

08th Dec2011

Chompooprae (Mint Nutwara) VS. Pearly (Gubgib Sumontip)

by inuu

Mint Nuttwara recently uploaded the photo above where she made the Nang Rai’s face, eyes gazing at Gubgib with hatred and envy (the same gaze that Chompooprae always did in GRGR XD). Gubgib, on the other hand, made a sad face and stared at the camera (more…)

04th Dec2011

4th of December, it’s Mario’s birthday today!

by inuu

Today, Gubgib Sumonthip, so-called Mario’s girlfriend, uploaded the picture above to remind fans about Mario’s birthday on December 4. She creatively decorated the picture with cool texts and cute graphics. As a result, over 100 comments were posted by (more…)

28th Nov2011

Photo of Mario and Off Pongpat with big tummy

by inuu

Recently, Gubgib uploaded a photo of Mario Maurer and Off Pongpat showing off their tummy for a shot. I bet you have seen photos of Mario with sexy abs and flat tummy, but never before with huge round tummy as this XD. Wonder if Mario gained weight…what’s (more…)

24th Nov2011

Nadech-Yaya-Mark-Namm demonstrated the use of camera angles(!!)

by inuu

During the time when ‘4 Hua Jai Hang Koon Kao‘ was airing, the three couples from the series-Nadech, Yaya, Mark, Mint, Namm, and Guggib-went to promote their lakorns at Star Stage TV program. The 2 main couples opened the show by singing their theme song (more…)

12th Nov2011

Gubgib is a true fan of Mario

by inuu

Gubgib Sumontip is not only Mario’s real fan (fan means girlfriend/boyfriend in Thai) but she’s also his true fangirl! Last night of November 11, 2011, Gubgib uploaded the photo of herself wearing Mario-printed t-shirt as her pajama and tweeted “Big fans of ohohmario (more…)