04th Feb2012

Kob, Brooke, and Nada in Praew Magazine, 2012

by inuu

Praew Magazine has started the year with great magazine covers, from Aum and Nadech pairing in the previous issue, and now this!! Kob Suvanant, Brooke Danuporn, and their little angel, nong Nada Punnada, are in the same frame for a (more…)

13th Dec2011

Photos of Nong Punnada, who does Nada look like? Kob or Brooke?

by inuu

Out of all the Thai celebrities’ kids, my current favorite is Nong Punnada!!  She’s such a cute 8 months old baby ><…love her big round eyes and cherry pink cheeks! WHO DOES NADA LOOK LIKE? In the photo above, Brooke’s baby photo is on the left and (more…)

22nd Nov2011

13-year-old Kob Suvanant’s pre-debut casting clip!

by inuu

An unseen casting clip of Kob Suvanant Kongying when she auditioned with Channel 7 was revealed in Mor-Chit Tid Jor. At the time, she was 13 years old when was still a ‘dek-ying’. Just like any other Thai middle schoolers, she had an ear-length hair. The clip (more…)

11th Nov2011

Kob and her daughter Nada in Sudsapda Nov. 2011 Issue

by inuu

This month’s Sudsapda magazine features Kob Suvanant and her almost 7 months old daughter. Kob Suvanant is as pretty as always though it’s obvious she gained a little weight due to pregnancy. Nong Nada sure looks so much like her father! She has big (more…)