27th Apr2012

Seven Nang’eks of CH7 for Praew’s April 2012 issue

by inuu

Praew’s latest magazine issue features the seven hot and beautiful Nang’eks of new generation CH7, including (from left to right) Pooklook Fonthip, Grace Kanklao, Min Pechaya, Pancake Khemanit, Mai Davika, Baifern Pimchanok, and Tangmo (more…)

09th Feb2012

Mai Davika sports the chic look for FOC magazine

by inuu

Mai Davika Hoorne recently has featured in the February 2012 issue of FOC Magazine (Fashion on car magazine). The actress looks chic and gorgeous when wearing dresses, and looks smart and classy when wearing pants. Her image suits well with the (more…)

15th Dec2011

Pooklook Fonthip is hospitalized for eyes allergy

by inuu

It was reported that on December 15, 2011 in the early morning, Pooklook Fonthip was taken to the hospital to diagnose her eyes condition. She hurt her eyes badly and decided to go for checkups when she couldn’t open her eyes. The doctor reported that she cried (more…)

05th Dec2011

Father’s Day: Thai dara(s) uploaded photos with their foreign father

by inuu

First of all, I didn’t mean to be ‘racist’ here. It’s just that so many Thai celebs uploaded photos with their father, so I needed to categorize those photos otherwise there would be too many photos in one article and I wouldn’t be able to write much about each photo.

Chompoo with her father and sister(?) – “Smile dad!!
Chom’s father has been sick in the hospital for quite a long time, but on this day, Chom updated that her father is going home today! I’m happy for you Chompoo Araya :)


28th Nov2011

Mai Davika’s new Za Cosmetics TVC with Jun Hasegawa and Emma Pei

by inuu

Introducing Za TOTAL HYDRATION Amino Mineral Gel’s tv commercial with the three gorgeous presenters, Davika Hoorne from Thailand, Jun Hasegawa from Japan, and Emma Pei from China. In the TVC, the three were promoting a 10-second instant hydration easy (more…)